Kids/Teens Program

Kids and teens fitness classes in Eastchester, NY. We teach kids and teens to love exercise, laying the foundation for a lifetime of physical fitness.
kids training classes at the gym

Benefits of kids and teens workout classes

Our classes are fun, engaging, and put children and teens on the path towards long-term health and well-being.
kid lifting weights at the gym

Injury prevention

By teaching proper movement patterns, we make kids and teens less vulnerable to injury in sports and in life.

kid doing cardio at the gym

Time offline

Our programs get kids and teens off screens, onto their feet, and interacting with others. In the digital age, it's more important than ever to make sure kids and teens stay physically active and engaged with a real-life community.

kid doing exercise at the gym

Self confidence

Our programs develop self-accountability, confidence, and discipline. This serves kids and teens in all areas of their development, from the sports field to the classroom and beyond.

teen training with weigths at the gym

Lifelong habits

Routines formed in childhood and adolescence are easier to sustain through adulthood. We help instill kids and teens with a love for exercise that they'll carry for years to come.

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